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Don’t strain yourself

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According to the High Yield Insights’ Smoking & Vaping report, despite a majority of consumers (64%) reporting that cannabis strains are important in their purchase decisions, nearly half (45%) can’t name their preferred strain or simply don’t have a preference. Of the few who do report a favorite, only a small percentage managed to identify a strain by name. GG4 and OG Kush, two popular strains, were called out by a minority of respondents while others could only manage “Indica” or “Sativa” when asked.

The findings reveal that the booming cannabis market, combined with the nature of the supply chain and variable product availability, creates too much distraction for users to gravitate to a favorite. Vendors are responding by focusing on the overall effects, such as relaxation or increased focus. “Our insights on the customer mindset paired with test results from the scientific community underline an uncomfortable truth: strain names are increasingly meaningless,” High Yield stated. “The industry needs to hit reset on what’s being delivered to customers.”

Canna Aid

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