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Dooby’s Dog Toys

Give your dog a dooby! Hold on, we’re not talking about getting your dog high — Dooby’s Dog Toys is all about giving your dog a high time with toys made from durable, eco-friendly, natural hemp. 

Can you ima

gine your dog running around with its own blunt? Best part yet — no ID required! Hemp is the strongest natural fiber on earth and known for its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties which makes it a great alternative to rubber toys. The seams are folded two times then stitched and the “burning effect” is embroidered for the most destructive chewers. If your pawed pal is into flower, there’s a squeaky toy in the shape of a pot leaf. More of a cat person? Doooby’s has a J you can fill with catnip as a special treat for your feline friend. Want your own custom branded chew toys, Dooby’s can do it — they’ve already collabed with RAW rolling papers and reggae and dub band Stick Figure. Ruff Puff Pass! 

Dooby’s Dog Toys


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