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Canna Aid

Dōp® quartz cartridge

Ladies and gentlemen, the evolution will not be televised. I repeat, the evolution will not be televised—but it will be documented here in the magazine. Once upon a time, we inhaled our choice distillate with the aid of cotton wick atomizers. Then came the ceramic heating elements; a big step up, but not without their flaws. Now, comes yet another leap, with the new quartz cartridge from the do-gooders at dōp®. So what’s so “evolved” about the dōp® quartz cartridge? Well, for starters, you can say goodbye to the risk of inhaling ceramic dust. Plus, it’s RoHS certified, so pretty much no heavy metals to off gas either. And the flavor? Holy hell, the FLAVOR. Since quartz is a slower-heating material than ceramic, the spectrum is through the roof. You’ll be naming the terpenes like Lucky the Leprechaun and his marshmallows. Slower heating also means you won’t flash your oils, so no bad flavors, discoloration or potential toxic conversions.

And don’t forget the meaning behind the name: do our part. They’re doing theirs. For now, that means a nickel of every dollar they make goes to MAPS, but they have even bigger plans for the near future. Stay tuned.

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