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Canna Aid


Great people. Great products. Great cause. Great idea. But it’s more than an idea; It’s a promise, and it’s right there in the name. dōp: Do Our Part. They’re doing theirs. With every sale made, they’re giving a little bit back to the community in which they work and live. It feels good to do good.

As a young and dynamic company highly tuned-in to market trends, dōp have carved their niche in the vape cartridge and battery sector, a category currently in such high demand, it’s practically the Tickle-me Elmo of 420 accessories (millennials, as your parents about that one.)

The dōp Absolute battery boasts the all-but-mandatory pre-heat function, allowing users to unlock those thicker oils for a better experience, while offering versatility with three low-heat voltage settings (2.7v, 3.1v, 3.6v), calibrated specifically for distillates.
Meanwhile, the dōp AF Nano cartridge pulls out all the stops with a high-tech, nanoceramic atomizer, top adjustable airflow, sealed bottom and spring pin technology. No leaks, no dust, no misfires. All quality.

The two components are sold separately, but specially designed to work best when used together. While you’re shopping with them, be sure to check out their branded hoodies. They’re seriously dōp AF.

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Canna Aid

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