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Canna Aid

Dragon’s Eye Incense

If your sole purpose in burning incense is to keep your mom from bitching about the stale bong smell wafting from your room, you’re probably good to skip to another article; you’re not our target reader here.

Also, if that’s you . . . dude . . . you’re 30. Get your own place already.

But for those looking to elevate the atmosphere of a room with a quality aroma for any purpose, be it spiritual or aesthetic, look no further than Dragon’s Eye Incense, from Makes Good Scents. Aside from coming up with clever company names, the folks at Makes Good Scents have been combining the finest aromatherapy-grade, skin-safe, natural oils from around the world to make their signature line since 2005. Every product is hand-dipped and made in small batches right here in the U.S.A., often the day you order, ensuring maximum freshness every time.

Need more proof of quality? Request a free sample and try the burn test! Simply light a stick and observe the smoke. Dragon’s Eye Incense will always burn white and soot-free and will never leave a sticky residue on your walls. That’s because there’s no added chemicals or garbage. See if you can say the same for those other brands.
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