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Made of medical-grade stainless steel, the DynaVap M looks like a futuristic one-hitter. In reality, it’s the simplest dry herb vaporizer on the planet. This sleek, handheld device is old school analog and relies on a torch or induction heating, meaning no dead batteries, lost chargers, or glitchy apps to hamper the user experience. Inside the DynaVap is an adjust-a-bowl tip that can fit 0.1 to 0.05 grams of dry herbs, making it perfect for microdosing. Once the bowl is loaded, hold a flame to the VapCap until you hear a click (a second click warns of overheating), then give it a spin and inhale. As a bonus, the 10mm tapered mouthpiece allows the DynaVap to attach perfectly with water pieces. To keep customers coming back, DynaVap supports a variety of accessories including a DynaCoil for concentrates, multi-color glass stems, “fat” mouthpiece, wooden travel case with internal stash compartments, and even a desktop induction heater.

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