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Earth Kratom

  “What difference does it make? Kratom is kratom. They’re all the same, right?”  Oh. Hell. No. Absolutely not.  There is a vast and cavernous range of kratom in regard to quality, efficacy, safety and purity. If you carry kratom, it’s positively crucial that you do your homework on the suppliers and only deal with those who have been repeatedly proven to provide a product that is safe and reliable for general consumption. Even beyond safety, there’s the question of purity. Deal with a shady vendor and you might end up paying top dollar for a kilo that’s half jasmine tea.  Earth Kratom offers a diverse line of your second favorite natural remedy that is reliable, traceable, and certifiably free of adulterants. Utilizing a direct connection with the farmers of Southeast Asia who cultivate the magic leaf, Earth Kratom has cut out the middlemen to bring you the very best in quality while maintaining a pricing schedule that can fit nearly any budget.  Choose from one of their 11 varietals, or try Trainwreck, their original blend, expertly curated to provide a unique relaxation every time. Powder, capsules, tablets and a super potent extract shot are available.  502-778-7717 Twitter: @BG_Wholesale; @IngologyD IG: @bg_sales; @bg_sales2;

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