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Ask Matthew Kleizo the secret to standing out in the smoke shop industry, and he’ll proudly tell you that you’ve got to always be coming out with the next best thing. As the founder of STNR Creations, Kleizo has made many innovations impacting the vape, glass, and now Delta-8 markets. 


In 2014 Matthew Kleizo started Fast Eddie’s Vape Shop & Lounge with the intention of helping people find a safer alternative to smoking. Word about the success of his business traveled overseas to China, UK, Germany, France, Russia, Japan, and Kuwait, as sellers there sought out his product knowledge and began to rely on him as a trusted supplier of mods, pod kits and other vape supplies. 


“I blew that whole scene up real fast, but being a hardware guy, I knew I could come up with a better product,” Kleizo says. “I hired an engineering student from the University of Central Florida to follow through on my ideas, and when we introduced our American-made brand of Purge mods into our distribution channel, we became one of the biggest mech mod companies in the world.” 


“I always stick to my roots. I can take a mod and make it have the least amount of volt droppage as possible so that somebody can get a bigger hit. That’s the name of the game,” Kleizo adds. “We created a subculture of people in the vape industry that love cloud chasing and hold tournaments and all that fun stuff.” 


You might think with all the demand that Purge is pumping out mods by the millions. It’s just the opposite. Kleizo will produce 500 to a thousand units of a specific mod, and when those are gone, he comes out with a new design. Purge mods are so revered with hardcore vapors still collect and trade the original versions.  

Quality is a big selling point. Purge mods are manufactured at company headquarters in Orlando, Florida under strict standards. Kleizo is so confident in Purge products that he backs them with a lifetime guarantee.  

Having reached the pinnacle of innovation in the vape industry, the next logical step for Kleizo was to utilize his experience and deep dive into the cannabis market, developing the next generation of glass smoking accessories for distillate, concentrates, and flower.  


“Through engineering, mathematics, research and development we are able come out with products that wow everybody,” Kleizo says. “We’ve worked extremely hard to develop better ways to not only manufacture glass pipes at a higher quality level, but also bring some innovation and new designs.” 
Kleizo and his team, which includes talented American flameworkers, are tinkering with ways to combining glass and mechanical products, even incorporating electrical components to do things like efficiently heat a dab rig without a nail or torch. 


When you melt a dab, Kleizo explains, you’re actually vaping — something he knows a bit about. “Just in that realm alone there’s a lot of technology we’re working on to make a cleaner, smoother, more flavorful draw, and to get the most life out of the concentrates.” 
STNR’s bubbler dab rig is a perfect example of taking something common to the next level. There, a percolator chamber filters and cleans smoke, and a flat bubble base and multi stem system allows for more water which grants a higher filtration for a bigger hit. 


“Our goal is to design products that represent the ultimate in quality and functionality,” Kleizo says. 


Kleizo’s latest move into the cannabis realm is premium Delta-8 products including gummies, pre-filled cartridges, and disposables. Again, hardware is where STNR stands out. 
“Everybody’s got the same gas, so to speak. But because of our strong connections with one of the largest manufacturing facilities in China, we have unlimited opportunities on the hardware side,” Kleizo says.  


Kleizo is particularly proud of the brand’s two-gram disposables which incorporate a 30-watt variable chip and a 25-watt auto draw, adjustable airflow, and a long-lasting 800mah battery.  
“There’s nobody that has anything even close to this on the market,” Kleizo says. “It took us over a year to develop the hardware so that the device will work with any viscosity distillate. We use 6 to 7% terps because the potency of the hemp, so we’re in the sweet spot for the best potency and flavor.” 


If you are wondering about Delta-8 being legal or not — STNR leverages plant-derived terpenes and uses a process known as isomerization where hemp-derived CBD isolate is converted into Delta-8 THC. Kleizo explains that the 2018 Farm Bill states isomers, cannabinoids, and derivatives are perfectly legal because the final product has less than 0.3% delta 9 THC. And, if you’re concerned about quality, STNR makes independent lab test results and COA’s available to check out on their website.  


While STNR makes clear on their packaging that Delta-8 has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease, customers who’ve used the products report a variety of benefits including relief from pain, nausea, inflammation, loss of appetite, and insomnia. 


“Delta-8 is what you’re looking for if you want something that’s a step up from CBD, but without the psychotropic effects of medical marijuana,” Kleizo says. “We’ve received so many positive testimonies about our Delta-8 products. That right there makes me feel good. That’s when you know you’re on the right track.” 


If you haven’t guessed by now, STNR stands for stoner. At one time it was derogatory slang for a pot smoker whose ambition is to get high and sit around does nothing. That’s certainly NOT a description of Kleizo, who is passionate about cannabis and cultivating the way people consume it. 

“It’s really easy to make a product using somebody else’s ideas and hardware, but what you get then is something that’s already outdated by the time it comes to market,” Kleizo says. “What I’m bringing to the table are innovative approaches and technologies aimed at improving how products perform and giving the end user a better, more satisfying experience.” 

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