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Cannabis QueenRX

Cannabis QueenRX

The cannabis industry is filled with passionate, creative people. As a kid, Linda Biggs expressed her individuality through her unique fashion sense, wearing my pink and green pastels, but with a twist – black goth ribbons and bows as accents, and crystals hidden in her bra. At school, she spent most of her time in art class creating fairy art. 


In 2012, Linda’s life took a drastic turn when she was involved in catastrophic car accident that would have lasting effects including two years of cognitive and physical therapy. Exploring ways to deal with the physical and mental impact of her accident, she was introduced to the benefits of cannabis. By 2015, she could once again paint thanks to the healing properties of medical marijuana, and she felt compelled to share her journey with the world. 


Cannabis QueenRX takes a fanciful view of Linda’s life. Her brand and artwork celebrate her belief in cannabis and her cosmic connection to the divine feminine. Romance, wonder, and of course faries, highlight Linda’s original creations; each a reflection of her own soulful spirt as if through rainbow glasses.  


Putting her artwork on rolling papers and trays, tapestries, fanny packs, journals, stickers, and even coloring books, Linda gently guides people into the wonders of the cannabis community and shine a light on how a simple plant and a little magic can transform their lives and wellbeing. 

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