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Kush Kards


A thank you is in order from Lauren Miele, the designer and founder of KushKards, to Drip Drop Distro for picking up her line of tongue-in-cheek, cannabis-centric greeting cards. There are specialty cards for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Valentines, even ones for mom and pop. You know Miele’s got the perfect thank you card too. 


KushKards are different from your everyday store-bought variety, and exactly what every smoke shop customer needs to commemorate their favorite 420 occasion—a unique spot on each card to insert a pre-roll (or one hitter, included) and a complimentary match striker on the bottom.  


Miele is an example of the adage, “You are what you Create.” Not only is she a cannabis consumer herself, but she also felt so strongly about the possibilities for KushKards that she left her corporate design career in Manhattan to pursue her entrepreneurial dream. Now living in Colorado, Miele still designs every card by hand, and her fanbase has grown from an online following to hundreds of retail locations. He mission is to “strengthen personal relationships through handwritten notes and tokes.” 


As a brand building company, Drip Drop Distro reps some of the leading names in the smoke shop industry, from Lit Kulture to Hush Kratom. Founder Douglas Campbell says KushKards is an exciting addition to the distro’s growing catalog 


“Drip Drop Distro works to find or create new and unique products in our space,” Campbell says. “KushKards fits that top to bottom.” 



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