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Canna Aid


Everyone should have a disposable lighter. It’s a simple, functional pocket-size tool for sparking up a joint, lighting a candle or firing up the campfire. But a lighter is just a lighter unless your outfit it with the new FLKR LYTR case and turn it into the ultimate canna-accessory.  


FLKR LYTR features a textured, easy-grip sleeve that fits securely over your disposable lighter. Built into the base is a handy metal extended poker + bottler opener for convenient seshes with friends. Now the really boss part – hold the FLYKR LYTER between your fingers and “flick” it; stainless steel ball bearings allow it to spin fast and free. Remember the fidget spinners – same idea! With its unique design, your lighter becomes a great gadget for fidgety hands or to reduce stress. Not to mention look cool doing it! 

In celebration of 420, FLYKR LYTER is dropping their newest version that works specifically with the iconic Clipper lighter; a stylish cannabis-friendly lighter which has the unique, removable flint and refillable body. The Clipper FLKR LYTR is the perfect way for your customers to enhance their lighter experience – and the perfect impulse item to enhance your sales!

Canna Aid

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