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Napalm Detonator

Napalm Detonator 

Bear Rootz Inc. and Xzibit’s Napalm brand join forces to launch The Detonator 2-in-1 Vaporizer. Powered by tech created by world-renowned manufacturing company, XVape, this revolutionary device is designed to give the optimal vaping experience vaping for both dry herbs and concentrates enthusiasts. The Detonator features an easy-to-read digital LED display with single temp-by-temp controls, but what really makes an impact is the hand grenade-inspired OD-green sleeve.  


Being that Xzibit comes from the bling bling world of hip hop, and was also the host of the TV show, Pimp My Ride, it’s only fitting that he would pimp the vape out with an impact-resistant carrying case (in the shape of a grenade), one-of-a-kind dab tool topped with the Napalm logo, Aria water bong adapter mouthpiece, cleaning kit, and even a Napalm keychain. 


“I understand the culture around cannabis and I’m very hands on with my brands. I’m an operator, not just a spokesperson. . . I help design the products, package them, and even push pallets around the warehouse,” Xzibit says. “I want Napalm to be inclusive to everyone, and The Detonator works extremely well with both flower and concentrates. When you pick up a Napalm product, know that it’s held to an exceedingly high standard.” 

Canna Aid

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