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The Delta train has left the station and PUFF XTRAX is shouting all-aboard with their premium D8, THC-O, HHC, THCV, D10 disposables, sugar candy edibles, pre-rolls and vape carts.  


Certainly, there are many Delta products on the market, but the PUFF XTRAX differentiator in not only the lab-tested quality of their products, but that they are proudly pushing the envelope of this growing category. Company President Walker Wilkerson points out that his brand was among the to release THCO edibles, not simply gelatin cubes, but actual sour belts and gummy worms. PUFF XTRAX is also one of the first to move from single-gram to two-gram products.  


THC-O Disposables are among PUFF XTRAX’s best-sellers. THCO is a form of THC with one added functional group that bumps the bioavailability substantially, in other words, how well the body absorbs it. THCO is powerful — three times as strong as Delta 8 THC — yet not federally banned yet. PUFF TRAX vape devices are manufactured by iKrusher ensuring the highest quality control in the industry and utilize a CCELL Coil and ceramic core technology for intense flavor production.  


Wedding Cake, a potent Indica-dominant hybrid created by crossing Triangle Kush (indica) and Animal Cookies (hybrid) has received rave review for its mix of tangy and sour flavors with hints of creaminess while offering a relaxing, calming, euphoric experience. 


Packing plays another key role in PUFF XTRAX’s popularity. These are products your customers won’t miss! “We purposely designed our packaging with vibrant colors and graphics to make them stand out,” Wilkerson says. “You put our products out and they fly off the shelf.”

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