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Elephant Brands & Beautiful Burns Pre-Rolled Cones

Rolling papers are one of those things you don’t think much about. As soon as you spark up and take that first drag, the paper is already disappearing. That’s likely why manufacturers made the packaging eye-catching but put little thought into anything but the same old brown, white or tan cones. Elephant Brands, on the other hand, saw a need for attractive, stylish rolling papers, and developed the Beautiful Burns brand to give the ladies a way to express their sense of fashion and personality. 

“Women don’t like getting all dressed up and then smoke something that looks like a brown paper bag,” says Kathleen Vieira, director of customer support and marketing.

Beautiful Burns cones are designed with a feminine touch, pastel colors, and floral and animal print graphics and food grade silver or gold foil tips— you might say they are the Victoria’s Secret of pre-rolled papers. 

Vieira says the fairer sex represent an untapped market in the pre-roll space, and account for the majority of Beautiful Burn sales. Elephant Brands, on the other hand, has more gender-neutral designs, darker colors, and striking graphics. There are more than 60 designs across the two brands, and they’re always coming out with more.

Elephant Brands and beautiful Burns are not just the most attractive cones on the market, much thought went into the development of the products, in fact, a year went into setting up the company’s factory and creating an ink that is a mix of natural pigments, hempseed and soy oils. The paper itself is made from biomass of the fruit of a special kind of palm tree — therefor, the unprinted paper is naturally off-white and does not require chemical bleaching. The seams of the cones are glued from top to bottom to provide an even burn and ensure they won’t accidently open up, wasting flower. All cones are manufactured under strict California Category 3 safety standards and screened for pesticides and heavy metals.

Retailers love Elephant Brands and Beautiful Burns as much as do their customers. Packaging has been designed with a clear window so shoppers can easily check out the designs which come in 4, 6 and 8 packs as well as variety packs with a mix of popular styles. Each package also comes pre-barcoded for easy inventory tracking.

“We want retailers to be successful, so we keep the brands fresh. We love working with businesses to help them and their customers have a wonderful experience with the products,” Vieira says. “We like to say that we’re saving the world from boring rolling papers.”




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