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Canna Aid

Entwood Dugouts

“Each box is hand carved from a single piece . . . and shaped by a master with a keen eye for detail who knows how to work with the wood rather than against it.”

We published these words about Bob Harris’s Entwood Dugouts nearly two years ago. They’re still 100% accurate, but the brand is now under new ownership. Bob is still a huge part of the operation, most importantly as mentor to his new proteges, who have preserved and occasionally enhanced his methods with gentle tweaks for an even better outcome. The raw material is still discriminately hand-selected, milled in-house, and lovingly worked to coax out the very best of its natural beauty, as well as achieve the perfection expected of the name.

The most exciting new addition is the Sinker Cypress boxes, a new, line of dugouts carved from ax-felled cypress logs, lost to the rapids of the South 100 years ago but now recovered and repurposed for a higher calling. It’s truly a line of rare beauty that you have to see to believe, nearly as rich in its striking, natural color variety as it is in its history; sculpted by carpenters but painted by nature.


Canna Aid

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