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Canna Aid

Errly Bird Nest2

“A pen is a pen, is a pen,” says the jaded vape enthusiast. The cynicism isn’t without merit. Too often, “the next best thing” in vaping turns out to be just another Chinese knockoff with fancy branding. On this point, the ErrlyBird’s Nest2 is a winner straight out of the gate. For though it retains the look and overall functionality of the status quo, it tackles one of the most common frustrations a vape enthusiast must endure: gummed up threading.

Let’s face it; gooey substances and threaded connectors make about as much sense together as Tommy Chong teaming up with Jeff Sessions to throw a birthday party for John Ashcroft. Point being, they make no sense, which is exactly why the Nest2 is completely thread-free. “Save the screwing for the bedroom,” said the innovators at ErrlyBird, as they built a vape pen that uses magnets instead of threads to hold the various components in place. The truly unique result is a pen that never locks up and is super easy to clean. The Nest2 has three heat settings and comes standard with a metal dabber, charging cord and extra atomizer, all packaged in a lovely case with a magnetic lid.

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