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Esko Leaf Wraps

Embrace the superior quality, taste, and heritage from Esko Leaf Wraps. Developed through a partnership between EskoLeaf and OG Brands, these exceptional wraps provide a smoking experience that is second to none. Each wrap, handcrafted in the Dominican Republic, is pre-washed and hand-cut with precision, ensuring no detail is overlooked in the pursuit of perfection.

Choose from an exciting array of four distinct flavors. Savor the rich mix of vanilla, coffee, and a hint of vodka in Ukrainian Cream. Experience the authenticity of tradition with OG Natural. Revel in the sweetness of ripe peaches coupled with a hint of cream in Peaches & Cream, an ode to Georgian Peach Cobbler. Finally, experience the elegance of XO Cognac, a flavor that effortlessly echoes the smoothness and luxury of French Cognac.

Savor the fusion of exquisite flavors and masterful craftsmanship with Esko Leaf Wraps and set a new rolling high for an elevated experience.
Wholesale Inquiries: @ogbrandsco

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