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Exclusive Industry Event Exposes Details of Unregulated Vaping

Are you concerned about potential dangers hidden in unregulated vaping products? Do you want to learn how the convergence of e-cigarettes and the cannabis industry impacts your business? The National Institute of Justice is sponsoring a live event (June 29, 1-2PM EST) that will address your burning questions and equip you with crucial knowledge.

Led by esteemed expert Michelle R. Peace, Ph.D., this online seminar will delve deep into the unregulated vaping landscape. Gain invaluable insights into the risks associated with unregulated vaping products, including improper labeling and the presence of synthetic analogues like Delta-8 THC. By understanding these risks, you can protect your customers and enhance public safety.

Unregulated vaping has blurred the lines between e-cigarettes and the cannabis industry. Dr. Peace will explore the intricate relationship between these two realms, shedding light on self-reported adverse events and the challenges of analyzing cannabis products. Learn how to identify different generations of e-cigarette devices and recognize unsafe chemicals in unregulated cannabis vaping.

As a smoke or vape shop professional, you play a pivotal role in promoting public safety and compliance. “Vaping in the Weeds: The Merging of the E-cigarette and Cannabis Industries” offers a unique opportunity to expand your expertise and navigate the complexities of the evolving regulatory landscape.

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