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The Exxus Snap VV

The Exxus Snap VV might just be the cartridge revolution’s next phase of evolution. That’s not an overstatement. After all, you don’t win the Jack Herer Cup (2018/2019) for best vaporizer by just copying what’s already on the market.

True to its name, the unit makes dealing with pesky threads a thing of the past with its interlocking magnetic adapters that allow the components to snap together without any twisting or screwing. The compact size (3”x1”) means the unit will fit comfortably in your pocket, while the four precision-dialed settings means this monster can rip through the heaviest of oils but still leave you the option of dialing back for all the flavor you can handle.

The cartridge is a wonder unto itself with it’s compact design for easy transport and effective protection to keep your oils from degradation by UV light, which means every hit will bring you the satisfaction you crave.

Got another cartridge of your own you’d like to use? No problem. The Snap’s 11mm opening makes it nearly universal. If all of that wasn’t enough, the Exxus Snap VV is backed by a one-year warranty, that’s honored exclusively by Got Vape’s customer service team seven days a week.

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Canna Aid

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