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Eyce Spark

It’s amazing to consider now that it all started with a freezer mold for a homemade ice bong seven years ago. But the mold was just the beginning. Since that first novelty release, Eyce has become a standard bearer in the silicon game, one of the fastest growing categories of pipes in the market today. 

The latest is the Eyce ProTeck series, a new line of hybrid glass/silicon smoking accessories for that wayward customer who just can’t decide if they want the durability of silicon or the sophistication of glass. 

The premiere release of the ProTeck series is the Eyce Spark, a borosilicate smoking accessory encased in a platinum-cured silicon sleeve for maximum durability. Every unit comes equipped with both bucket and slide for dabs or flower and is equipped with a hidden silicon storage compartment, tool holders, and a white LED light to enhance the sesh. 

If the white light doesn’t bring enough funk, customers can upgrade with the optional purchase of five additional lights with the Eyce LED Expansion Pack. That pack includes four colors – red, green, purple and white – as well as strobing party light they’ve dubbed “disco.” 

What’s cooler than being cool? Eyce cold.
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