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Canna Aid

EZJ Legendary Stash Boxes

When Trent Bohl ventured into Mexico to open his next smoke shop, he brought along the inventiveness and entrepreneurial spirt that have made his EZJ rolling machine a success among roll-your-own enthusiasts. Working with the Sonoran Custom Cabinet Company in Puerto Penaso, Bohl created a Legendary Stash Box series to give smokers a place to safely store their valuable flower and kit of smoking accessories. Handcrafted from oak and pinion, upcycled untreated pallets, and exotic hardwoods such as teak, mahogany, and perlotta, and finished with unique engraving and etching details featuring mythical creatures like wolves and dragons, these beautiful cases make a prized display for any cannabis smoker’s collection. The Sonoran Custom Cabinet Company can also produce custom box designs for smoke shops and dispensaries that make unique gifts and undeniably set their brand apart from the competition. 


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