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Fashioncraft Premium Roast & Toast Series

We keep telling you that smoking culture is going mainstream. Now, we can show you. Exhibit A: Fashioncraft, a company typically known for wedding favors and porcelain unicorns is now offering pipes that double as coffee mugs and cereal bowls—and they even have a carb. Wow. Just, wow. We have arrived, folks. Don’t scoff, Mr. Purist. Keep in mind, Empire Glass got their start making figurines for Disney, and they’re some of the coolest people in the industry. There’s room for everyone.

But back to Fashioncraft. Seeing the potential of this burgeoning market, they’ve joined the fray with the release of an extensive line of dual-purpose novelty items, all geared toward the making the ‘wake-n-bake’ dream a more feasible reality for the masses. As already mentioned, they have both smokable ceramic mugs and cereal bowls available, offered in a huge variety of designs, slogans and colors, all part of the product line they’ve dubbed their “Premium Roast & Toast” series. Considering the month, it’s especially important to point out that among their offerings are several mugs bearing the numbers that denote that sacred toker holiday, now almost upon us. Never has sharing your coffee been so much fun. Puff, sip, pass.

800-645-4040 (or 516-496-8711)

Twitter: @fashioncraftRNT

IG: @giftsbyfashioncraft

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