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Flower Power:  Omura Vape Gives Whole Flower Experience Without Muss & Fuss 

If you’re old school and can’t live without your flower, but taking a hit in public (or even in your home) creates too much smoke, worry no more. Omura ( has just launched a vape system that uses dose-controlled cannabis cartridges and heat-not-burn technology, giving consumers a full flower experience that’s virtually odorless and smokeless. 


At first glance the Omura Series 1 looks like a stylish vape pen meant for use with flower. But there’s one big difference — rather than loose flower, the Series 1 uses pre-packaged cartridges with .125g of whole flower, so it’s controlled usage. To operate the Series 1, you simply slide the cartridge into the chamber, click the button to activate heating, and off you go. A “session” runs for three minutes. Once the session is over, the device automatically switches off — by which time the cartridge should be spent.  


Consuming an entire cartridge amounts to 10-12 hits. So here’s the big difference between Omura and a joint —- very minimal smell, very minimal vapor, you can put it back in your pocket and throw the cartridge away (it’s biodegradable). With the pre-filled cartridge there’s no grinding or rolling — perfect for those who don’t want the fuss or who’s limited dexterity makes traditional methods impossible. Unlike with other loose flower vapes there’s no packing or cleaning.  

Omura’s convection technology gives users a cleaner, more hygienic cannabis experience. Unlike smoking whole flower, the Omura system heats the flower so it remains intact, there is no charring or ash left behind or ingested.  Plus you’re pulling all the terpenes through the “Entourage Effect” because you’re not burning off the good stuff and having it go up in smoke.  


“I see this business to have really made a large impact across the country on how people continue to consume whole flower,” said BJ Carretta, Omura’s Head of Marketing, in an interview with Forbes.  


Launched in June, the Omura Series 1 vape is currently available online and in dispensaries and smoke shops across California and medical markets in Arizona and Maryland. 


Omura is collaborating with growers across the country to ensure the highest quality flower for consumers to use with the new device. They recently formed a partnership with oHHo, a New York-based CBD brand known primarily for full-spectrum oil.  


“We decided to partner with Omura because we were so impressed with their technology — the terpene profile of our oHHo flower really comes to life with the Omura product and it is a great way to consume CBD,” said James Stephenson, co-founder of oHHo. “We had been very skeptical of entering the vaping market but using flower as opposed to an oil is far cleaner and contains far less contaminants. Omura also aligns with our sustainability mission — its cardboard tubing versus the use of plastics was very important to us.” 


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