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Canna Aid

Football Trophy Water Pipe by BioHazard Glass

It would be nice if you could pick which teams were going, but since you can’t, at least you get to pick which super bowl comes to your Super Bowl party! At sixteen inches, this glass water pipe will make a lovely centerpiece to your tv room table, while being sturdy enough to pass around with your rowdy friends and family–while sticking to the theme that brought you all together on this holiest of days. And it’s not exactly like it stops working in the offseason. You can use it year-round to remind yourself of the C-note you won from your college roommate or that awkward moment that your weird nephew fell into the bean dip reaching for that jello shot he clearly didn’t need. Not to mention, it is color customizable, so you can inject some of your own team spirit into this one of a kind piece featuring borosilicate glass and a standard 14mm stem.

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