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Four Seasons Trading Takes Texas

They say everything’s bigger in Texas—and should “they” need help proving that point, they should be advised that Four Seasons Trading Company is up to the task. Despite humble beginnings, this Houston based enterprise has expanded into a countercultural colossus, now occupying an impressive 30,000 square foot warehouse. This vast expanse allows them to stock an extensive selection of products, with over 20,000 SKUs, catering to the diverse needs of smoke shops and counterculture retailers nationwide.

Sam Dawoodani kickstarted his empire in 2015 from the comfort of his own home, personally delivering vapes and accessories to smoke shops across Houston. Business boomed—almost too quickly—and as a result, his inventory began taking over his house. It’s not 100% clear whether it was the new baby on the way or the loving wife who was fed up enough to give him an ultimatum; probably an “all of the above” situation. What is clear is that it didn’t take him long to upgrade from the home biz to a warehouse.

Business was thriving. Just as the pandemic looked to slow the roll, Four Seasons Trading received an order request from a buyer in Mexico, revealing an untapped market potential. Recognizing the opportunity, Dawoodani opened a satellite warehouse in McAllen, Texas on the Mexico-U.S. border. This strategic pivot not only helped Four Seasons Trading stretch its market footprint south of the border, but also bolstered its service delivery across the vast expanse of Texas.

Dawoodani takes pride in Four Seasons Trading’s position as not only Houston’s largest cash-n-carry wholesaler but also one of the top three wholesalers across the entire state. To facilitate nationwide ordering, Four Seasons Trading launched a wholesale website, offering buyers 24/7 access to their diverse catalog, as well as immediate shipping with 100% accuracy. The company’s sales reps and warehouse crew work tirelessly to keep the process running smoothly and track inventory to guarantee that there will be no products on backorder. As a perk to their buyers, Four Seasons Trading offers free shipping on orders over $800.

“We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service in the true meaning of the word,” emphasizes Dawoodani. “A lot of companies brag about their commitment to customer service, but when customers commend you on your honesty and integrity, that’s when it really matters.”

As an industry veteran with over a decade of experience, Dawoodani understands the importance of staying ahead of trends while also catering to the timeless classics. Four Seasons Trading Company tirelessly scouts for fresh additions to their catalog, keeping their customers in the loop about the latest products poised to elevate their sales. Dawoodani shares, “It’s unfortunate, but a lot of retailers get stuck in a rut and just want to sell the same stuff over and over again. One of our strengths is the ability to keep our customers informed about new products that they can sell.”

In their continual pursuit of variety and novelty, Four Seasons Trading Company picked up exotic snacks and sodas, becoming the first wholesaler in Houston to do so while effectively diversifying their offerings beyond the standard smoke shop variety. It was a tough sell to his customer base initially, but it ultimately proved to be immensely profitable. Dawoodani reflects on the initial customer hesitation, saying, “It took a few days to convince people that chips and drinks from other countries were something their customers would go for, but now they’ve become some of our fastest moving items.”

“Customers are like ants—you throw a pile of sugar on the ground, and you’re going to be surprised where all the ants come from to get it,” he adds. “If you have the right mix of inventory, customers will come to you; just give it time.”

While trends can bring in quick cash, Dawoodani cautions that nothing lasts forever. He advises retailers to maintain a diverse and dynamic inventory to safeguard against the ups and downs.

“Having a wide variety of products in stock means that sales aren’t affected tremendously, should one category slow down,” Dawoodani explains. “It also keeps customers coming in to see what new items you have to offer.”

If there’s a brand or a product making a name for itself in the smoke shop arena, Four Seasons Trading likely stocks it. They also offer Sense Glass, their in-house brand featuring a diverse range of water pipes, hand pipes, Nectar Collectors, and accessories. Buyers can also have complete confidence that everything from Four Seasons Trading is the real deal–100 percent authentic. No knockoffs here, thank you.

“Our goal is to be a one-stop shop for smoke shops,” states Dawoodani. “We constantly add to our catalog, so our customers can always find unique and appealing products that appeal to their customers.”

It’s not just their massive warehouse or comprehensive product selection that sets Four Seasons Trading apart, but their sole concentration on wholesale operations that truly differentiates them from their competitors. They have no retail outlets of their own, nor do they sell directly to the public on their website. This ensures that their dedication remains unwaveringly directed towards their B2B customers.

“I appreciate the personal relationships I can build with my customers,” Dawoodani offers. “In the retail store model, growth often results in reduced customer engagement. As a wholesale distributor, I value the ability to make an impact on the industry and contribute to the success of my customers.”

In the vast smoke shop landscape, Four Seasons Trading stands tall as a beacon of quality, variety, and customer satisfaction as they continue to shape the B2B marketplace with their exceptional service and unwavering dedication. As Dawoodani affirms, “We’re in it for the long run, and we want to make it so that our customers can be too.”

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They say everything’s bigger in Texas—and should “they” need help proving that point, they should be advised that Four Seasons Trading Company is up to the task.