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Freedom of choice is what the Furna modular vape system is all about. Now there’s no need to decide between concentrates, oil and dry herb because the Furna takes advantage of innovative swappable ovens for ultimate all-in-one functionality and performance. 


The Furna is available in three versions: Starter kits for dry herb and concentrate, each with one oven, and a complete kit that includes two dry herb ovens that you can swap in seconds. In keeping with their in-house approach, accessories (purchased separately) include additional dry and concentrate ovens, and another that works with pre-filled 510 carts. A 3500mAH internal battery is good for about 20 sessions per charge. 


Everything is operated by two buttons and a display screen that shows real-time heating adjustments and battery levels and also gives users and the ability to digitally stamp ovens with a unique symbol so each can be pre-packed to avoid later confusion. Haptic vibration announces that the desired temperature has been reached. The display even rotates automatically to suit both left and right-handers. 


The Furna vape was designed for on-the-go ease. The swappable oven can be flipped 180 degrees, so that the open tip faces towards the inside of the device, protecting it from the elements and keeping the mouthpiece free of pocket lint and debris for a clean, smooth vaping experience. 

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