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G2 CannaMold

G2 CannaMold

If you didn’t already know about the cannagar and it’s growing popularity, you obviously haven’t been paying attention to the upper echelon of smoking culture. Like the fat, leaf wrapped premium puff stick from which it derived its name, the cannagar is fast becoming the newest way for high society smokers to show their class distinction. Reports are streaming in of individual units selling for as high as $11,000, while on the low end, they fetch a full Benjamin.

But thanks to Purple Rose Supply, you don’t have to roll like Dan Bilzerian to enjoy the slow-burning, full flavor experience of quality sticky wrapped in a pot leaf. That’s because they now offer the G2 CannaMold, a home cannagar rolling kit that allows you to create your own experience using your favorite strains, wraps and concentrates without breaking the bank. There are two sizes available, the small, which rolls 7 grams (MSRP $44) and large, which will pack a full 15 grams (MSRP $49). Yes, you did the math right. You can roll a full half ounce into a single fatty. So much for not breaking the bank, but at least you’re breaking it on your terms.
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