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GAGS Cordless Desktop E-Rig

The Kind Pen, known for their top-notch handheld vape pens, is stepping into the realm of desktop vapes with GAGS—the ultimate e-rig for wax and oil carts with a twist! Unlike traditional desktop vapes, GAGS is designed to be easy to both use and clean, without any cumbersome cords or whips that hinder group toking sessions. It features a standalone battery base with a 1600mAh capacity and a standard 510-thread connection for compatibility with most oil cartridges, along with a ceramic disk atomizer and a triple quartz rod coil for concentrates. But the real twist is the dome-like collection bowl that captures massive clouds of vapor, allowing you to inhale directly from the device without the need for balloons or whips. The detachable bowl can be passed around for group sessions, and the best part? GAGS is battery-powered and cordless, which means no more tripping over cords or being tethered to wall outlets.

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