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Galactic Glass

Galactic Glass may be new on your radar, but the Eugene-based father and son duo are in no way new to the flame, and they’re definitely not new to 420 culture. Andy Ray, the founder of the outfit, was once the owner and operator of Psychedelic Ceramics, a handmade, ceramic pipe company in business from 1990 to 2004. That’s about OG as it gets.

While Andy and his son, David Sigler, spent their first decade as flameworkers focused on pendants and marbles, they’ve been back in the pipe game since 2015, churning out order after order of their unique line of American glass at an impressive rate.

Currently, their niche is “fume tech, aka, toner tech designs” featuring pop culture icons, but they also have classic patters available—and can even help you with a custom logo.

Though orders can usually be turned around in a week, it’s important to keep in mind that they are just a two-man team, so that number can sometimes stretch to two. As a company focused on customer service, they back every order with their personal guarantee of quality and satisfaction, and should they ever fall short, they are adamant that you can take that guarantee to the bank.

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