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Canna Aid

Galaxy Gas


Alright, let’s get the Darth Vader fart jokes out of the way. This Galaxy Gas is about sending culinary treats into orbit with their XL Infused N20 Whip Cream Chargers. Available in flavor profiles of Blueberry-Mango, Mint, and Strawberry, each .95 liter tank holds 580 grams of 100 percent FDA lab certified food grade nitrous oxide gas. Founded in metro-Atlanta, Galaxy Gas Solutions offers a complete line of premium whipped cream dispensers and chargers. But it doesn’t stop there — Galaxy Gas has a team of infusion connoisseurs creating the best infused recipes for you to try in the kitchen. Their experts take special care in developing every recipe with Galaxy Gas products to make sure that what you create in your kitchen is delicious and delightful. Furthermore, Galaxy Gas always ensures their products are affordable so even beginner chefs can take a shot at infusing recipes with nitrous oxide and fluffy whipped cream. 


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