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Gerry Garcia Keeps On Truckin’ with Signature Brand 


It’s only fitting that the The Grateful Dead and its iconic leader Gerry Garcia would have their own brand of  — their fans certainly have smoked their share of the herb and the band has become synonymous with the counter-culture lifestyle 


A new line of  products named Garcia Hand Picked, is being marketed by Holistic Industries, one of the leading private multi-state cannabis operators in the U.S., in partnership with the Garcia family. The goal is to honor the legacy of the legendary musician who passed away in August of 1995.  


Garcia Hand Picked will be available in select dispensaries in California starting in mid-November 2020 with plans to expand into additional states in 2021. 


Garcia’s daughter Trixie explained the idea was to create a brand in her father’s honor “in an authentic way that would delight the fans,” she says. “We picked Holisitic Industries based on shared values, a proven track record of successful operations, scalability across multiple states and their ability to launch and market new brands; not to mention they have a senior leadership team full of Deadheads.” 


Ironically, Garcia wasn’t ever really into getting high by smoking . Instead, daughter Annabelle says he saw it as a form of social interaction, “a bridge between him and those around him.” Holistic and the Garcia family put an emphasis on pre-roll packs that can be shared with friends – eco-friendly packaging made from recycled paper, matches and a custom glass tip with Jerry’s handprint. 


There is also a line of edibles, Jerry’s Picks, gummies in the shape of a guitar pick, each product paired with a curated playlist of Garcia music that corresponds with the strains, which can be heard on the website. Merchandise, including apparel and accessories do my math homework, with Jerry’s original artwork, the GHP logo and other designs will also be available. 

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