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Glass Feature: Shurlok Holm


Imagine growing up in the shadow of an icon. Imagine if that icon is a legendary artist whose name is respected and admired throughout the cannabis community, and who’s creations hold honored spaces in smoke shop showcases and glass pipe collections throughout the country.

That is the legacy to which Caleb Holm — son of Darby Holm —was born into. Since he was a just a little spark making marbles, mushroom pendants and implosion beads, Caleb has worked alongside his dad and other glass masters at DC Labs, in Southern Oregon.

“He’s been a great teacher,” Caleb says, “I’ve learned some of the coolest tips and trade secrets.”

Now, only 22 years old, Caleb, aka ‘Shurlok Holm,’ it taking his turn in the spotlight. While he makes some detailed sherlocks and pendants, Caleb’s signature pieces are the Heady Teddies — figural dab rigs he calls the Teddy Mafia.

“If you look it up, mafia means like-minded organization of criminals. We’ve been viewed as criminals when we were just trying utilize this medicine and even for just being involved with the culture,” Caleb says.

“As little kids, we all had a blankie or a baba, and the bears tie us back to our natural instincts,” he adds. “There are all these amazing pieces out that are really sharp and crazy — my thing is to put a cute, cuddly soft side on it.”

Caleb has also come up with a new technique he’s incorporating into his work — Mayan inspired maze patterns created within a disc flip. For him there’s nothing like the hands-on aspect of the work.

“As glassblowers, we’re drawn to the medium like moths to the flame — that’s where I find happiness,” Caleb says.

“This is the only life I could see myself in,” he adds, “it’s the most community-minded culture in the world. My passion is blowing glass, but the part I love the most is selling my pieces and being able to meet other people with the same open mindset.”

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