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Glass Noah

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Noah Nuñez

Eternal Flameworks – @eternal_flameworks

Noah Nuñez enjoys being in the spotlight. Not only has Noah competed at the CHAMPS Glass Games, he recently won a big first place check in the Ray Gun category at the summer Vegas show! And if you visit Homeblown Glass in Santa Rosa, California, you can often see him melting glass in the smoke shop’s front window.

“I’ve always liked to show off things that I’m good at,” says Noah, who’s been at the torch in Northern Cali since way back in 1989. “Glass blowing is an art form that people don’t get to see live very often and they’re just fascinated.”

Sculptures, marbles, shot glasses, jars, earrings, necklaces — anything you can think of, Noah the Glassblowa, as he’s known in creative circles, can make out of glass. Pipes are what he’s best known for — especially handcrafted pieces that for most artists would require a lathe. Many of his pieces incorporate tiny characters capsulized inside of the tube. Then on a whim he might build a two-foot tall water pipe or a pipe in the shape of a sniper rifle or futuristic weapon.

“I call myself a ‘glass artist’ because I don’t just make pipes, and if I do make pipes, they’re more artistic than just being a production line. I like to focus on making one-of-a-kind, artistically cool pieces,” Noah says.

Noah credits his martial arts training for helping him to remain poised under pressure. That’s the kind of mental focus that comes with being a fourth-degree black belt.

“The techniques we use in Kenpo Karate are movements stacked on top of each,” Noah explains. “It’s very similar to glassblowing, where you have many different techniques that you can use to create a single piece.

But don’t expect him to break glass like he might shatter boards. Noah’s pieces are destined for a prized spot in somebody’s collection.

“I’ve always liked people to be happy with things I do — there’s nothing like seeing the appreciation that somebody has for something you’ve created,” Noah says, “—you can’t really get that in a lot of other areas in life.”



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