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Good Habits

As the crow flies, the shortest distance between California and Pennsylvania is is 2,271 miles. When Tim and Holly Golder opened Good Habits in the town of Lewisburg, part of of the idea was to bring a bit of the West Coast style to the east.

“Going into head shops in other states, specifically in California, everything seems to be handmade and local, and the art these just blew my mind,” Tim says. “All of our glass, jewelry and clothing is American-made, and we go out of our way to know where everything that we sell come from.”

Tim and Holly like to think of their business as an all-encompassing “lifestyle” store. “It’s more than just glass, clothing and jewelry. . . we pretty much have everything,” Tim says.

The way that Good Habits is designed, all of the glass and smoking items are in the rear of the space, with the jewelry, clothing, tapestries, and metaphysical items up front. It’s currently an 18-and-over store, but Tim and Holly are in the process of remolding so that the glass can be in a separate room, and thus allowing a wider range of customers through the door.

One of the good habits that Tim and Holly promote is the use of CBD hemp extract oil. They carry CBD products ranging from edible to vapable to skin salves. . . even treats for pets. Their two most trusted CBD companies are Charlotte’s Web and Nature’s Way.

“The uses for cannabinoids are so wide ranging that everybody comes into the store for this now,” Tim says. “The local pharmacists tells people about our store, and there’s a group of autism doctors that come in and clean us out on our information and they’ll buy our tinctures to resell to their patients”

“People come in because they need information, and we just say that it’s been found to be helpful. On the same note, multiple people have come back to tell us about the relief they’re gotten from using the products,” Tim says. “It’s an incredible feeling to know you’re helping people.”

In the glass section, customers will find USA made pieces from Four Winds Flameworks, Higher Mountain Glass, Purr, Little B, Reading Glass Malachia, Jane Nace, White rhino and many more. It’s been a challenge to find locally made glass that meets their standards, so Tim brings in pieces from independent artists from Oregon, California, Washington, Pennsylvania, and Colorado.

“Really what people want to know is that they’re not being ripped off, and that the piece their buying isn’t going to break the next day just from use,” Tim says. “There’s a lot of shops that carry “gas station glass” and we go out of our way to stay away from that stuff. . . it sets us apart in an extraordinary way.”

“We’ve gone to many festivals and have fallen in love with the glass art that we’ve seen there, and the artists who we’ve met along the way,” Holly adds.

Good Habits also carries a full assortment of vaporizers and accessories. Some top brands are Atmos, Da Vinci, Vapir Rise, Dipstick, OG, Saionara and Snoop dog. They also offer e-cig-styled vaporizers and 15 to 20 different juices to go with them, but stay away from e-liquids that contain nicotine (an arguably bad habit).

Holly does the majority of the buying for the store. Being a woman, she feels that she has a good take on crystals and clothing, and other things that appeal to the ladies. They offer silver pendants, silver bracelets, Family silver (Grateful Dead) style pendants, bracelets, earrings, organic stone plugs, organic wood and bone jewelry, third eye pinecone pendants, crystal clay jewelry and hand blown glass jewelry made by Sassy Glass. Holly personally makes crystal wire wrap jewelry, hemp necklaces/bracelets, crystal beaded jewelry that are offered in the store as all.

It certainly doesn’t hurt the success of Good Habits that it is located in the same town as Bucknell University, a private liberal arts college, and one of the most expensive in the country as ranked by CNN Money. The students have the means to spend top dollar for whatever they want to buy.

Customer service is another factor, and Tim and Holly are proud of reviews like this from their customers: Not only is this shop staffed with the most amazing people but, their quality is unmatched. Do yourself a favor and stop by for the best product in town.

“We don’t just want people’s money,” states Holly, “we want them to be happy with the products.”

Good Habits • Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

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