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The simplicity of the classic joint meets the clean burn of glass in GRAV’s new “Fill Your Own” Glass Joints. 


Available in a 7 pack and a party-size 56 pack, GRAV Glass Joints are small and discreet with each holding a half gram of flower. A silicone grommet connects the borosilicate cartridge to the mouthpiece for a tight seal that keeps flower secure.  


“There really isn’t anything else like this out there,” explains GRAV CEO, Brandon Miranda. “We wanted to merge the consumption experience of joints with the smoothness of glass. The outcome is a really clean experience…you can see and taste your flower without paper or glue inhalation. Glass Joints are perfect to take on the go and won’t get smashed while also being easily disposable.”  


GRAV glass products are designed and hand-blown in Austin. Founded in 2004, GRAV is known for innovation, famous for its Gravitron — the first all-glass gravity bong.  


Have a dispensary in Cali? That’s where GRAV has teamed up with premium cannabis cultivators in So-Cal to fill GRAV glass joints with the highest quality and freshest locally grown flower. Each 7-pack of GRAV Reserve Glass Joints are pre-filled with a total of one-eighth ounce high-quality herb.



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