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Green Financial

Payment processing. In the digital age, it’s as essential as the products on your shelf, but within our space, trying to retain the service is like a child in a bathtub trying to hold onto a wet bar of soap. Our wares might be legal, but bankers still largely view them as a gray area—and bankers don’t do gray. Nuance doesn’t exist in mathematics.

Enter Jesse Cretaro of Green Financial. Green Financial is a niche service for a niche industry that specializes in pairing supposed “high risk” businesses (i.e., CBD, kratom, kava, nutraceuticals, nootropics, pipes, vapes, etc.) with the financial services they so desperately need, but often can’t obtain. Cretaro began his venture eight years ago, tirelessly and patiently building a network of financial professionals willing and able to work within our industry, and the efforts have paid off. If your business is legal, he’s confident that he can connect you with the services others can’t. The company focus is credit card and e-check/ACH payments, but it doesn’t stop there. Cretaro can also help you with business financing, payroll services and more, at competitive rates.

Don’t hang that ‘cash only’ sign just yet. Thanks to Green Financial, you may still have options.

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