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Green Remedy CBD


All the experts agree; the best indicator of a reputable CBD source is longevity. If that’s the case (and of course it is – they’re experts, dammit) then Kentucky’s own Green Remedy has to be as reliable as a timepiece made by a master craftsman. 

Not familiar with Green Remedy? Well then, where exactly have you been? They’ve been in business almost as long as there’s been a CBD market to speak of, having first opened their doors all the way back in 2014. 

From the beginning, the folks at Green Remedy have sourced their products exclusively from Kentucky-grown hemp, the verifiable OG of legal hemp in the United States. As a vertically integrated company, Green Remedy is in a unique position to maintain a level of quality control rarely seen in an industry rife with white labels and sketchy brokers. They have full control of every level of production, from when the seeds go into the soil to when the product hits your shelf.

Every product is derived 100% from all-natural hemp, made with all-natural ingredients, and backed with a COA that guarantees the cleanest hemp in the business. 


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Canna Aid

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