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Canna Aid

Grind and Store by White Rhino


Why do your customers like White Rhino’s new Grind and Store so much? It’s the same reason they’ve been captivated over the years by things like Pert Plus, Old Spice Bodywash, Bo Jackson, centaurs, the Wave Vaporizer, and comic book billionaires; it’s two things at once. What can we say? Americans just love dueling identities. 

True to the form, and as its name implies, White Rhino’s Grind and Store serves as both an herb grinder and storage chamber, saving your customers both time and money. To use, simply dump the herb in the portion of the Grind and Store that has the teeth, pop on the top and twist to your merry heart’s content. Your freshly ground herb will then fall through the sieving holes amidst the teeth, straight into the storage chamber beneath. To access your fresh-ground herb, just pop off the bottom chamber, while the built-in, ultra-strong magnets hold the top half together. 

White Rhino’s Grind and Store features an airtight seal for prolonged freshness, is available in five colors (choose transparent or solid/opaque) and like most of the company’s offerings, comes in a retail-ready, 24-unit display stand.

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