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Canna Aid

Groovy Fruit Terpy AF Gummies

Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a new paradigm in the hemp supplement universe.  

Introducing Groovy Fruit Terpy AF Gummies, the first ‘Varins-rich line of edibles sourced from 50-state legal hemp. If you snoozed through our May feature, “the ‘Varins” is our collective nickname for Tetrahydrocannabivarin and Cannabidivarin, two minor constituents of the cannabis plant that generated a massive buzz in the industry for their documented ability to regulate cravings and boost focus and energy. Historically, the compounds have only existed at significant levels in a handful of marijuana strains, making it inaccessible to most retailers. Not anymore.  


Formulated by a 30-year veteran compound pharmacist using an Ultra Broad Spectrum Extract, Groovy Fruit Gummies are currently available in two flavors: Maui Wowie and Blue Dream. Those names are more than a marketing gimmick; each variety is specially formulated with the exact terpene profile of its respective namesake to boost efficacy, as well as please the palate of the most die-hard of chronnoisseursMore flavor profiles coming soon! 


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