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Canna Aid

H3MP Shots

Couchlock has returned with the H3MP shot, a brand-new twist on their longstanding formula for enhanced smoking satisfaction. The short description, for those familiar with the brand, is a reformulation of the classic Couchlock recipe with the added kick of the cannabis-cousin superfood its namesake implies, rich in essential fatty acids, protein, and a litany of other USDA-recommended vitamins and minerals.

For those unfamiliar with the Couchlock family, there are three key selling points to these 2oz bottles of bliss.

First, they start with a mango-fruit extract base to tantalize the taste buds. Next, they add terpenes, which any “chronnoisseur” can tell you are the essential oils in plants that act as the primary drivers for herbal effectiveness. Finally, there’s Kanna, a plant-based supplement known for its ability to enhance focus and mood while lowering tolerance for other herbs.

Lower tolerance means higher performance, higher performance means less waste, and less waste means more money for more H3MP shots, which means more money in the retailer’s pocket. That was a mouthful, yes, but a fun one, which could also describe the H3MP shot, because, well . . . see the previous paragraphs. H3MP shots are 50 state legal and come in retail-ready 24 pack displays for easy, counter-top up-sells.

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