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Canna Aid

Hakuna Hemp Roast Coffee 

Who’s down for a wake-n-bake? No, we’re not really suggesting you start blazing first thing in the morning, but what we are suggesting is that you might enjoy a piping hot, robust mug-o-java infused with a health helping of everyone’s favorite non-intoxicating cannabinoid. Hakuna’s Signature Hemp Roast is a savory blend of full-spectrum, water-soluble CBD powder and bold, aromatic South American coffee beans.  


According to Hakuna, the process they’ve developed to create their formula is proven to increase bio absorption of the essential compounds. That means unlike half the vitamin mixes out there, your body will actually use what you’re putting into it. More relief, less waste. But it’s not all about you, which is why Hakuna is donating a portion of every sale to benefit the homeless veteran population of Southern California. Help yourself while helping Hakuna help others. Hakuna-Ma’ganja! 


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