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Hawaii Pipe Farm

Inspired by coconut and bamboo chalices out of which Rastafarians in the Virgin Islands smoke their herb, the founders of Hawaii Pipe Farm created a similar style of pipe with ceramic bowl and down stems as a stylish and durable alternative to glass. The hybrid two-piece system connects with neodymium ring magnets and features a thru-hole steamroller design that allows for easy cleaning. The mouthpieces are made from local Hawaiian hardwoods like milo, mango, and Koa, prized for its durability and used by early islanders to build canoes, surfboards, spear handles, and ukuleles. The ceramic bowls are fired at over 2000 degrees and a three-hole design allows for superior air flow, doesn’t clog when you pack a tight bud in it, and with the help of an internal screen, keeps debris from reaching your mouth resulting in a smooth, flavorful draw. Handcrafted near the town of Pahoa on the Big Island of Hawaii, these beautiful smoking accessories bring the spirt of aloha to mainland cannabis connoisseurs.


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