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Heavenly Candy

Heavenly Candy

For glass art, it’s completely acceptable—and even commendable—to buy from the guy who’s making stuff out of his garage. But when it comes to what your customers put in their body, your sourcing should be a bit more refined. You need the security and confidence that comes from working with a company that is organized and well-funded, that has the means to abide by the standards necessary to ensure the health and safety of your customers. Your integrity depends on it.

What if you could source the CBD products your customers love from a company that meets all of these requirements and then some? Imagine this: A medical doctor turned entrepreneur who has worked with everyone from Pepsi to Lance Armstrong to the suits at Shark Tank, has turned his attention toward hemp and formed a multimillion-dollar CBD company that has already put products in close to 75,000 retail outlets. The catalog is huge, and every SKU is made with the utmost care and consideration for quality and safety. What’s more, they’ve demonstrated that within that corporate machine is a caring heart, with thousands of dollars in product given away to consumers in need annually.

You just imagined Heavenly Candy.

Every product starts with their proprietary 0% THC hemp-based oil, sourced from USA-grown, Farm Bill compliant, nutraceutical-grade hemp flower and extracted through an energy efficient, sub-critical CO2 process. That means no toxins, no solvents and no waste. Eschewing the full spectrum/broad spectrum debate completely, they’ve developed what has come to be known as the “honest spectrum” extract, which utilizes a fully standardized ratio of terpene and cannabinoid levels, enabling you to offer the consistency your customers demand.

There are hundreds of SKUs in their repertoire, all of them developed under the guiding philosophy that healthy habits are formed and maintained, not by stark changes to our daily regimen, but rather by integration with our pre-existing lifestyles. Put simply, harness the vices and augment the virtues. Coffee, tea, protein cookies, fruit bars, trail mix and more chocolates and sweets than you could shake your vape pen at are only the beginning—and as the name implies, the flavors are heavenly. If that’s not enough, there’s also a line of treats for pets, as well as topicals to soothe and satiate your tired joints and weathered skin.

Selection? Check. Quality? Check. Transparency? Check. Forget the fly-by-nights and closet cowboys. Go with the professionals.

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