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Help with an unhealthy habit

Vaping helps people kick their cigarette habit – it’s a rallying statement for proponents of cig-a-likes and other vape devices.

But evidence suggests that 90 percent of attempts to quit smoking eventually end in relapse as a result of an unsatisfying vaping set-up, device malfunction, or a lack of access to vape supplies. That’s why product knowledge and customer service is so important.

“It is important to offer ongoing support and give advice on which vape set-up to choose, and how best to use e-cigarettes, particularly to help people quit in the long term,” according to researchers at University of East Anglia.

“Support from vape shops can help sustain smoking abstinence. We found that shop assistants trouble shoot with customers if they had relapsed and try and find a solution, such as fixing their device or upping their nicotine strength.”