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Hemplights Wrapper

It’s just a fact; lighter fluid of any kind isn’t something you want to be inhaling, especially if what you’re inhaling is medicine. Toxins should be avoided whenever possible, especially if you’re sick. Adding them to your wellness regimen is practically the textbook definition of “self-defeat.” It’s why all your hippie friends are buying hemp wick. It’s a clean burn that emits minimal toxins, thereby keeping your sesh about as pure as combustion can be. They’ve been screaming about it for years, but you were likely too busy choking on the smell of body odor and patchouli to pay any attention.

The folks at Hemplights apparently have a high tolerance for the funk, because they did pay attention, and as a result, came up with the Wrapper. Despite the phonetic implications, the Wrapper doesn’t spit any rhymes, but it does slide handily over any standard lighter and provide a convenient way to spark up with hemp wick without having a ball of brown yarn wrapped around your piece like a damn Wook. Simply wrap your wick around the indented bottom, loop it around the side knobs and thread it through the self-extinguishing tube. Voila! You’re ready to burn, chemical free. Bic and Clipper designs available in multiple colors.

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