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HempWood Dugouts


The fine folks at Entwood dugouts just don’t stop. The original, handmade Entwood Dugout was already a masterpiece unto itself. But then came the Sinker Cypress series—the hitterboxes made from ax-felled cypress logs that had sunk to the bottom of the swamps of Florida and Georgia back before your grandpappie had even learned to use the outhouse. Coming soon are the No-Woods. Those are going to be plastic boxes made from recycled milk cartons and furnished with a custom grinder card.  

Meanwhile, as if their creative innovation hasn’t already breathed enough new life into an aging smoke shop staple, they’re coming out with the HempWood series, a new line of beautifully crafted dugouts made from—you guessed it—hemp. But not just hemp, as in a woven hemp bracelet, but actual compressed wood made from our favorite fibrous plant, now widely considered the greenest wood substitute on the market.  

Available in six color varieties. 



Canna Aid

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