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Hempzilla CBD


Hempzilla is by no means, a newcomer to the CBD market. Now five years in business, the company has long since staked a claim in the space with a rarely equalled commitment to quality, safety and consistency. 

Sparing no expense in their pursuance of excellence, the folks at Hempzilla produce out of a certified cGMP manufacturing facility that strikes a nimble balance between artisanal, small batch production and full automation, for reliable consistency. Every batch is tested for purity, safety and legality, as well as to guarantee that the label accurately reflects each product’s composition. 

But for those familiar with Hempzilla and their commitment to exceptional quality, none of this is new information. Asked and answered, thank you very much. 

The new information we have to report is that the Hempzilla recently underwent a full branding makeover to breathe a fresh new breath of life into their already thriving line of high-end hemp offerings. Whoever said “You can’t judge a book by its cover” clearly wasn’t a marketing major. 

Hempzilla has now embraced a clean and stylish new aesthetic that is both beautiful and modern, as well as certain to open up the brand to an exponentially wider consumer base. More consumers mean more sales, more sales mean more money, and more money means get a new Hempzilla catalog and get stocked up already, dammit.


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