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Canna Aid


The next generation of herbal infusion is here!

Go ahead. Say Hi™ and get acquainted. Feel familiar? It should. This latest iteration was built upon the success of the original Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser, which we covered almost exactly two years ago. Let’s review. The Mighty Fast wasn’t the first infusion machine, but it carved a formidable niche nonetheless by offering more performance at a reasonable price. The most impressive aspect was the “Mighty Fast 1” mode, an infusion cycle that clocked in at only 45 minutes. There was also a 90-minute mode for a richer yield, as well as a four-hour option for tinctures. Rounding it out was an automated cleaning cycle, making overall operation practically effortless. So, what’s new? First, there’s the updated design; an Italian-inspired aesthetic that’s so slickly mod, you’ll want to slap tires on it and cruise the streets of Milan. For function, they’ve added a no-heat blending cycle, along with an LED countdown timer for easy progress tracking. And of course, every unit still comes with an organic hemp filter, fine metal strainer, measuring cup and handbook. The only thing the Hi™ lacks is a time travel option so we can all go back and put it on our Christmas lists.

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