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High on the Hill

How long have you been in business? 

Since May 22, 2006 

How did High on the Hill come to be in business? 

The original owner was Geri Twitty.  Her dream became a reality when she found the ideal property just outside of Indianapolis Motor Speedway after a failed attempt at a partnership in Broad Ripple. The new location was seated high upon a hill, so it chose its own name . . .  High on the Hill. I purchased the business from her in 2016 and we celebrated the ten-year anniversary that summer with Hillstock. 

I’m glad you mentioned the Indy Speedway. In what ways has proximity to the track benefited you? 

Race season is always a hectic time for Zach and I leading up to Memorial weekend, preparing for tens of thousands of people to descend upon your little corner of the world. We do not commonly have a significant increase in sales . . . but  we do offer parking, showers and camping opportunities. Every year, we collaborate with Mike’s Speedway Lounge (we share a parking lot) and on Friday and Saturday night we close off the parking lot to motorcycles only and have local bands provide live music.  We have made several friendships with people that come to camp and park on our property every year. Some of our favorites come annually and have spent weekends on The Hill for over 4 decades, this year being the only year they’ve missed because of the pandemic.  

According to the MPP, Indiana currently has some of harshest cannabis laws in the country. Does this make it difficult to do business as a counter-cultural tobacco shop? 

We try to stay involved with activist opportunities and help educate people to try to get our laws changed here. We have found that the state allowance of CBD with up to .3% of THC has brought in more clients looking for information. We do not have a specific demographic; we see people from all walks of life, so we try to encourage them to vote and seek ways to help bring change. 

Indianapolis is a big city with a lot of other smoke shops. What’s your secret sauce? Ultimately, what in your opinion, is the deciding factor that makes a customer say, “I’m going to High on the Hill instead of Store X”? 

We focus on helping local talent & entrepreneurs come up. We support local artists, vendors, outreaches and build up our community. We have a field on the property where we have held weddings, memorials, festivals and many a gathering. 

Wow. I would love to say I got married at a head shop.

Haha, right?? 

Imports, domestic or both? Is there a ratio you try to maintain? 

Heritage Farmacy is our go to CBD supplier locally. We also carry BadAsh Dugouts based out of Franklin, INOur incense is WildBerry made in Ohio.Our line of acrylic water pipes is strictly Headways, made in AmericaHowever, we do offer soft glass and novelty items to keep options for every budget. 

How have you been affected by the pandemic? Were you able to stay open, do curbside pickup, delivery, etc? 

We closed the first week, then phased into curbside & delivery. We are now reopened encouraging social distancing within the shop. 

If the Desiree of right now could take a time machine and go back to the Desiree that was just starting out in this business, what would she tell her? 

It’s going to be a long, strange trip, but it will be worth it. 

Where do you see High on the Hill in another five years? 


Succinct and informative. Well said. Any parting words?  

We are thankful to the love and support from our community, customers, friends and family.  


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