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Canna Aid

Higher Standards Premium Glass Filter Tips

Phattie. Pre-roll. [Rhymes-with-point]. Doob. Stray. The potential names are endless. But whatever the moniker you’ve ascribed, when you roll your favorite smoking blend into a paper tube of combustible tastiness, your intention is to share.

There are few greater bonding experiences than a good session of ‘puff-puff-pass.’ It’s jokes. It’s laughter. It’s implicit trust, created instantaneously. Until you get down to the roach. Then it just becomes an awkward game of hot potato. Everyone tries to avoid being the one who has to pinch what’s left of the spit-soaked end, purse their lips, and pretend they’re kissing the ass of the world’s tiniest boss.

Thank the gods of combustion someone invented filter tips. Then thank them one more time that Higher Standards just improved upon the concept, ten-fold. From the generous 7mm insertion point, to the flanged grip, to the three-point pinch system that creates a zig-zag pattern to cool and filter the smoke, every aspect of these medical grade borosilicate tips was deliberately conceived and executed for a smooth, refined smoking experience. American made, easy to clean, reusable, and tastefully branded, these bad boys should be an easy upsell at any register that services a clientele that demands Higher Standards. Sold in packs of six assorted colors.

Canna Aid

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